• A Mechanical Concept In Healthcare.

    The FIX24 method is a complete holistic approach to chiropractic medicine designed to help improve your body and mind.
  • Pain Relief and Healing

    Pain relief is the number one goal for most chiropractic patients. Whether it's headaches, chronic back or knee pain, or numbness, the FIX24 method starts with providing immediate pain relief and then working towards uncovering and treating the underlying causes.
  • The Gonstead

    The Gonstead system is the most complete biomechanical analysis available today. Dr. Robb goes beyond the standard spinal assessment by conducting a thorough analysis of your spine using a detailed five step process.

    "Thanks for keeping me in good shape for the LPGA Tour!" - Julietta Grenada
  • Scottsdale Chiropractic

    Serving the chiropractic needs of the greater Phoenix area at two convenient locations; in Scottsdale off the 101 and Mayo Blvd and in Peoria at the Arrowhead Corporate Center.

    "I am very thankful for Dr. Robb. I have never felt this good!" - Jay Gibbons